What to do for your face in winter

It’s important to look after your skin every day of the year, with each season requiring us to take a few different steps so let’s look at what to do for your face in winter.

With winter comes the cold, often cool icy wind, cracked, wind burnt lips and dry flaky skin.

We can sometimes  be fooled into thinking that with the cold, the sun no longer burns and especially when it’s behind the clouds.

Sorry to break the news but the sun’s rays are just as strong and penetrating in every season and more so on cloudy days because we can’t feel the heat on our skin.



The main thing to do for your face in winter, is to keep yourself and your skin well hydrated. We tend to stop drinking water because we crave something warm so unsweetened herbal and green tea are a great replacement. Also very cleansing on the inside which means clean, glowing skin on the outside.

For your skin, adopt a winter skin care routine. This doesn’t mean buying heaps of products, rather use a richer night moisturiser and apply a few your daily moisturiser a few more times during the day. I like to use a Vitamin B serum for extra hydration and Vitamin C for extra protection. Remember your daily moisturiser still needs to have SPF to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

ASAP ADVANCED HYDRATING MOISTURISER 50mlThe best thing do for your face in winter, give yourself some valuable “me time and if you’re anything like me and love to watch a good movie under the blankets, pop on a nourishing face mask or serum and relax.

Make this your once or twice a week winter night skin routine. Let the pores of your skin absorb the product and you’ll be overjoyed at how soft and smooth your skin will feel the next day.

There’s a lot to be said for our diet in winter.

We all like to indulge but try to keep it to a minimum. The heavier and fattier the foods, the more this will burden your skin with toxins and impurities. Not to mention the extra kilos we need to shake off before summer.

Indulge and get creative with vegetables. Winter casseroles are the best, can be kept in the fridge and re-heated so saves you a lot of time and can be ready in minutes when you get home. I’ve recently tripled my vegetable intake over the past few months and not only was I completely satisfied after every meal, but that stubborn belly fat just dropped off.

What was really unexpected was that people were asking me what I’d done to my skin! With the increase of anti-oxidants, my skin was just glowing. You’ll be amazed at the results

So you know what to do for your face in winter? Use the best skincare for the winter season, fill up with yummy winter casseroles loaded with fresh veggies and drink nice, warm herbal teas.

You’ll be amazed at how great you’ll feel and there’ll be no mad rush to spruce up for summer. You’ll already look and feel great and everyone will want to know how.

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Look feel live your best and decide today to live for tomorrow

Always Anna