Face masks black and leopardHow to stop dry skin from face masks

There are many reasons for the need to wear face masks and those of us who wear them for long periods of time, also need to know how to stop dry skin from face masks.

I don’t know about you, but when I first started to wear face masks, I was given the synthetic ones to wear.

Working in air conditioning, where the air is naturally dryer, my face felt like it was on fire. I would get home and my skin was red raw and would take hours to settle down.

Having always taken good care of my skin, I sat down and did some research and knowing that face masks might be a more regular requirement, I had to work out how to stop dry skin from face masks.

Firstly, I increased my hydration. Keeping our bodies well hydrated not only keeps us cooler, but keeps our skin cells plump and full of moisture. We drink when we’re thirsty don’t we? Our skin gets thirsty too! When you feel your skin is drying out or hot, it’s a good chance you need more water.

Next step was to use a hydrating serum once or twice throughout the day. My choice is always the asap Super B complex. It provides a moisture-retaining barrier to boost skin hydration. You only need the tiniest amount, and given that it’s a clear gel and so easily absorbed into the skin, you’ll feel instant relief with refreshed, hydrated skin. I haven’t been wearing much foundation as the mask covers most of my face, but it shouldn’t interfere with your make-up.

That still didn’t solve my problem. Not only were the synthetic masks feeling furry on my skin, loose fibres would constantly irritate and the hot breath underneath was generating heat and even causing my eyes to dry out.

Then, bingo! I discovered face masks made from100% cotton. What an unbelievable difference. I could wash them and change the filters and best of all, I now only had soft cotton against my skin. No more heat or redness. I still continue to keep up my hydration and using the asap Super B complex and problem is solved.

ASAP SUPER B COMPLEX MOISTURISER 30mlThe cotton masks are great and come in cute colours. So I decided I would offer them to you. Click on the photo to own your own set. Here’s a little bit more about them:

  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Interior pocket to insert filter
  • Adjustable ear strap
  • Adjustable metal nose clip for a perfect fit
  • Made of 5 layers
  • PM2.5 filters

Keep up with your normal night time skin care routine, perhaps choosing a richer formula if you still feel you need a bit more hydration and this is how to stop dry skin from face masks.

Remember, when we’re going through stress as many of us are right now, our skin suffers too and it’s usually the last thing we worry about until irritation sets in.

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