How To be Forever BeautifulHow To be Forever Beautiful

Many of us today are quite focused on being beautiful with many going to extremes, using and over-using the latest treatments and technologies in the pursuit of how to be forever beautiful.

Let’s look at what beautiful actually means.

The Oxford Dictionary states the definition of beautiful as:” having beauty; pleasing to the senses or to the mind a beautiful woman/face/baby/voice/poem/evening beautiful countryside/weather/music She looked stunningly beautiful that night.

Shelley Pruitt Johnson writes “True beauty is the state of being authentic and sincere in a way that extends love to yourself and others. It feels real, safe, alive, playful, flowing, authentic, life-giving. And this doesn’t mean that beauty never has anything to do with our clothes or hair or bodies or faces.”

It’s really interesting, when I did a search on the secret to being beautiful, the first few articles were all about staying young. So is it only young people that are beautiful? No wonder so many people drive themselves crazy over the thought of aging. I say that we should be glad to achieve another day of life given that so many young people do not have the privilege.

So here’s the thing. You think you’re not beautiful? Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is it about me that isn’t beautiful?
  • Who thinks I’m not beautiful?
  • Does it matter that people think I’m not beautiful?
  • Is it true that I’m not beautiful?
  • Am I making myself beautiful to please others?
  • Do I look old?

What you really need to think about is why you’re having these thoughts in the first place. Social Media and the Beauty Industry, whilst being able to help in many ways, with information,  are also largely responsible for negative self-image. Most advertising portrays people with perfect bodies who are young, tanned and good looking so it’s no wonder  we delude ourselves to think we can’t ever look like that so we can’t possibly be beautiful.

How To have A Beautiful MindWRONG! It’s all about perception. Once you start to look after yourself, love yourself and know your real worth, you will feel beautiful and others will see you that way too.

When you learn to smile at others and habitually show kindness you will continue to hear how beautiful you are. In time, you wont care if you hear it or not, you will know in yourself that it is true. More importantly, you will stop worrying what people think about you.

I once worked in a school office and I was having so much fun chatting with the teenage girls as they visited the office throughout the day. When an adult gives a child time, their faces just brighten up because they’ve been listened to.

One girl came in who wasn’t feeling well, so I spoke with her while she recovered and we had some great laughs. When she got up to leave, she picked a note of the wall and handed it to me saying “Thanks Miss, you’re really beautiful.” I was so touched by her and the note pictured here, which read “You’re more than enough”.

She explained that the notes were for handing to people throughout the day just because. What a fabulous idea and I have always hung onto that note.

Our attitude to life says a lot about who we are and how others perceive us. The more positive you are, the more positively people see you.

Once when I was doing some work in a café, the owner asked what I was doing. I briefly explained that I have my own website relating to health and beauty with products and information, with my main focus on teaching people to take simple steps to look after their health and wellbeing.

When I left, he thanked me for my time and said to me, “You know what? You’re not selling anything, you’re inspiring people.” I was so taken aback but I realised that so many people are starving for knowledge and need that little bit of help to kick start their way to a positive attitude and healthy lifestyle.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my stories. They’re in no way intended to float my own boat, but hopefully inspire you to stay as positive as you can because that is how to be forever beautiful in your eyes and in the eyes of others.

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Until next time

Look Feel Live Your Best and Decide Today To Live For Tomorrow
Always Anna