ASAP HYDRATING LIP BALM SPF 15 10mlHow To Keep Your Lips Soft and Smooth

Before I talk about how to keep lips soft and smooth, it’s important to understand why they become dehydrated and some of the conditions that can arise if they’re not treated properly.

Our lips are made up of very soft tissues, which are delicate and can bleed easily. Most of us will experience a condition of the lip at some stage in our lives.

The most common cause of lip ailments is dehydration, mainly due to the cold and the sun, often resulting in very sore cracked lips and cold sores. If your immune system is down and the lips are damaged, it is very easy to contract the Herpes virus and in many cases it will re-occur.

In worst case scenarios, stubborn sores or spots, could be a sign of skin cancer. Particularly when the lips are in poor condition, it is difficult to see any underlying problem and can be overlooked as just sore, dry lips. If you have anything suspicious on the lips that is there longer than a few weeks, you should see your doctor immediately.

Not only are lip conditions painful, but they can be quite unsightly so it is really important to know how to keep your lips soft and smooth and well hydrated at all times.

Let’s start with the best moisturiser of all. Water. When you start to feel thirsty, you will usually notice your lips feel dry as well. This often causes you to lick your lips more often, which will only dehydrate then more. Keep water available to you at all times and keep hydrated.

How to keep your lips soft and smoothIt’s important to use a good lip balm and keep it handy.

Avoid highly perfumed balms or anything too greasy as these can irritate the lips.

My favourite lip treatment is the asap hydrating lip balm with SPF15.

This lightly fragranced lip balm has a very smooth, silky texture and glides on the lip effortlessly.

It contains Niacinamide (B3) which deeply moisturises, antioxidants to smooth and protect plus Alpine Rose to help reduce cold sore occurrence. With SPF15, you have added protection against the sun’s harmful rays and possible skin cancer.

Asap Hydrating Lip Balm hydrates dry, sensitive chapped lips and is soothing, comforting and healing. It can be worn over or under lipstick and can be combined with lip gloss.  I’ve often used it in on paper cuts on my fingers as well and the amazing healing properties, seals the wound in no time.

So that’s how to keep your lips soft and smooth everyday. Drink plenty of water and use a really good lip balm. If you’d like to try asap, click on the image and visit my shop.

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