Luk Beautifood Organic Lip Caramel_Kiss_CrayonHow to protect and maintain nice lips

Both hot and cold weather can cause damage to the sensitive lip area, so it’s a good idea to know how to protect and maintain nice lips all year round.

In the hotter months the lips are very easily burnt and blistered and in the colder months the lips are prone to dehydration, chapping and painful wind burn.

So let’s look at ways to get attractive, moist and soft lips and also to maintain them.

Our lips and the surrounding lip area is one of the most delicate and sensitive parts of our skin. Just as delicate as the eye area. With this is mind,

it’s important to develop a lip care routine to ensure you always have smooth, soft lips.





Cindy Luken founder of  Luk Beautifood says “Harnessing the right lifestyle, using beneficial ingredients and practising a few little quick tips with the assistance of a little sheer, natural makeup is the way to go, in order to have the most gorgeous set of lips at any age.

Drink plenty of water

Top of the tip list for gorgeous lips is to stay hydrated. Simply, drink lots of fresh water throughout the day. Our lips, unlike other parts of our skin, do not produce oil, so it is up to us to provide the body with as much moisture as possible.

Also, choosing a natural replenishing lipstick like Luk Lip Nourish, which is fortified with natural properties like avocado, sesame seed oil and cocoa butter will give your lips a smooth, silky texture while retaining moisture and keep your lips in optimum shape.

You are what you eat

Luk Beautifood Lip Nourish Lipstick and Crayon DuoThey say we eat about 400 lipsticks in our lifetime so it’s important to know the ingredients that go into your favourite lippy. On this subject Cindy Luken says “ My rule is not to put anything on my lips that I wouldn’t consider eating”.

This is where how the Luk Beautifood product came to be. Not only do their products provide nutrition for your lips, but their natural properties wont damage the delicate skin of the lips. Remember for the best look possible, consume a diet of fresh vegetables, fruits and lean meat. The better our nutrition, the better our skin.

Protect your lips from the sun and wind

If you’ve ever had sunburnt or wind burnt lips, you’ll know how painful it is. It’s always important to moisturise and protect the lips to avoid damage. The Luk Lipstick range, filled with naturally derived ingredients is the perfect way to go. If you can handle the texture and don’t have a sugar issue, organic honey on the lips works well too. At night, try the nude cinnamon Luk Beautifood lipstick. No colour, great flavour and really nourishing and comfortable to sleep with it on your lips.

Walk a mile with a smile

Circulation is key to having gorgeous, glowing skin and lips and a smile works wonders. Not only do you feel super while you smile, but people will notice your beautiful pout, more so with a smile on your face. Overtime, we can develop laugh and smile lines but so much better than frown lines.

Treat yourself to Luk Beautifood’s Lipstick and crayon range, visit my shop and go to my Facebook page for lots of hints and tips.

Remember to keep smiling and work those feel good muscles.

Until next time

Look feel live your best and decide today to live for tomorrow
Always Anna