ASAP SOOTHING GEL 100mlHow To Soothe Itching

Everyone one of us has at some stage experienced discomfort from skin conditions, itching being one of them.

Itching would have to be one of the most irritating conditions, so I’m here to let you know about one of the best remedies for how to soothe itching.

Firstly, if it appears to have be associated with pain, swelling, fevers or anything that could appear to be serious,

I would see a doctor before applying anything that could make it worse or perhaps have other underlying problems.

When my son was around 6 years old, his skin would itch so badly that he would scratch it until it bled. He mainly scratched at night so when he woke up in the mornings and I would lift the sheets, they would be covered in blood.

My heart went out to him because this also meant that he wasn’t getting a good night’s sleep not to mention the discomfort during the night and following day.

I tried every remedy I could think of. Doctors couldn’t find anything because the funny thing was, there were no outward signs of irritation. Maybe a little dry but no eczema or dermatitis of any kind.

Thankfully one day while visiting my dermatologist, I saw a product called asap soothing gel with aloe vera. I bought it straight away because nothing had worked for him so far and I was willing to try anything.

After just 2 days, everything had cleared up. I couldn’t believe it! We continued to use it every night after his bath and in the mornings and in a few short weeks the problem had disappeared.

Asap soothing gel can be kept in the fridge, great for after sun hydrating and to reduce swelling of tired, puffy eyes. It is also excellent for calming the skin following laser, IPL, Microdermabrasion, waxing post shaving and radiation treatments.

This product contains a combination of natural ingredients and as it is water based, it is also an ideal moisturiser for oily and acne prone skin. The ingredients also provide anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Here’s how it works:


ASAP CLEARSKIN BODYGEL 120mlAloe Vera            soothes and clams the skin

Pepper Berry      rich in antioxidants also soothes and calms the skin

White Tea           helps to protect against free radical damage

Melissa              beneficial for soothing and healing blemished/acne skin

Sage                 contains antiseptic, astringent and antioxidant qualities
which have a Positive effect on preventing oxidative stress

Allantoin           aids healing to soothe the skin

It is always a good idea to apply cool cloths to the irritated area prior to application and if possible leave the skin uncovered for a few minutes until the product is absorbed.

So, this is how to soothe itching, with safe natural ingredients and remember to seek medical advice if you feel the irritation is serious or if the symptoms persist.

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