AEDE-hair Loss Vitamin -1-mth-supplyHow women can stop hair loss

Hair loss in women is probably one of the most emotional and distressing situations to occur but women can stop hair loss and here’s how.

Fortunately, majority of hair loss in women is temporary, brought on by hormonal and often stressful situations. Once the conditions improve, often you will be able to regrow thinning hair.

Other reasons why women experience hair loss and thinning hair include Iron deficiency, sudden weight loss, poor diet, medications, prolonged exposure to pool chlorine, over exposure to heat and styling implements and hair being pulled back too tightly for lengthy periods.

Most of these problems can be rectified and hair will regrow eventually.






In my personal experience, this has happened to me twice in my life now, once after childbirth and recently through a particularly stressful period. I experienced falling out and thinning hair and particularly thinning at the crown.

My recent experience led me to research how to regrow thinning hair naturally. Whilst our hair does go through stages of growth and rest, it is in the resting phase when we will experience some hair thinning and loss,

Each hair can be at a different growth stage at any given time.  It is quite normal to lose up to 150 hairs per day and usually when one falls out another is growing and so the cycle continues.

AEDE Hair Loss Vitamins-3-month-supplyWhen hair enters the resting phase too early, this will result in more shedding than usual and you may start to notice more signs of thinning.

Usually It is generally more evident around the hairline and crown.

So this is how I was able to stop hair loss. I decided to cut my hair into a shorter style to cut away the weaker hair and give it more bounce, which helped a lot and then luckily, my research led me to a product called AEDE.

I checked with my doctor first to rule anything else out, as I always recommend everyone does, before you try anything, just in case it could react with anything you’re currently taking.

Although the regrowth of hair can happen naturally, the more nutrition you can provide to help the process, the better. You see, in times of deficiency, our body automatically ensures all our major organs receive as much nutrition as possible.

This is necessary for our survival. Our hair, skin and nails are last on the list, hence why it is important to give your hair as much nutrition as possible.

AEDE, is designed specifically for hair loss and strengthening. In my case, as well as for many others, including men, it worked really well.

I could see results after only 3 months. My hair is growing healthier every day and next to no hair loss when I wash my hair. You can see here in the before and after pictures.

AEDE is TGA approved and each ingredient has been individually tested. NO animal testing was involved. A powerful combination of B vitamins and other nutrients, great for hormonal women for many reasons, other than hair loss, with no side effects and no stomach complaints.

Within the first 1-2 months, you will notice a great reduction in the amount of hair loss when shampooing and conditioning your hair. By 3-6 months you not only see hair growing and notice fuller hair, but you can also feel it and no more having to take a mirror to the back of your head to try to cover up the patches!

AEDE for hair loss

AEDE, provides hair and scalp with the nourishment it requires through this hair loss stage and the nutrition it needs for further strengthening and growth. . Our hair cells are the 2nd fastest growing so therefore it is important to give them as much help as possible.

Also, maintain a healthy diet with lots of fresh vegetables and fruit to ensure an adequate intake of anti-oxidants and the use of treatment shampoos and conditioners.

I’ve certainly had great results from this product and been able to stop hair loss and thinning, so if you would like to try AEDE for yourself, visit my shop at www.annacarniato.com/shop

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