Personality PlusImprove Your Relationships, Improve Your Health

I’m no psychologist, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out when you improve your relationships, you improve your health.

Look around you, it’s obvious to see when people are feeling down and it’s only a matter of time before these emotional feelings can manifest themselves physically and cause all sorts of medical problems and in many cases develop into chronic illnesses.

I’m not just talking about life partner relationships. There are many breakdowns between parents, siblings, friends, coworkers, clients and the list goes on. When we are unable to co-exist with those closest to us, we are put in an extremely stressful state, which subsequently makes our health suffer.

The University of Minnesota writes: “People with poor relationships are more likely to suffer from depression, and loneliness is powerful enough to weaken our immune system. … Their blood pressure rises, and they suffer emotionally. That affects your body. There is also a link between physical and mental health and sexuality.

They go on to say : “Relationships can reduce stress and have been linked to overall good health. Researchers have even shown that people with healthy social relationships have a 50% greater likelihood of survival.

So if this is the case, why then is it so hard to be happy with those around us?

It seems as if we live in a world where it’s each man to himself. People seem to have stopped caring for one another’s needs and are no longer willing to put anyone first above themselves. Hence why so many relationships are too quick to be broken and even harder to repair.

You need to improve your relationships, to improve your health. Now I’m no expert and I’m not saying my marriage is perfect, but I have been in a relationship for over 35 years and get on with pretty much anybody. And yes, there are times when walking away is the only solution. I’m not here to judge. What I can say has helped, is reading a few really good books about learning to understand myself and others better.

So here’s 3 of the best relationship books I’ve ever read which have helped me to be a better me so I can be better towards others. Do they hold all the answers? No, I wish it were that easy but they will help you to understand many things about yourself and others and a great stepping stone to help with happier day to day dealings with people.

Men Don't ListenBefore you can even start to work out the problems you’re having with a person, you really need to understand your own strengths and weaknesses. In most times of difficulty,

it usually “takes 2 to tango” so understand yourself first and then seek to understand the other person better. A must read is Personality Plus by Florence Littauer. In this book, there’s a quick test to do so that you can better understand yourself and with this powerful tool in hand, you’ll be amazed that someone has actually worked out who you are.

If you are open-minded, you will be able to turn your weaknesses into strengths and become the best version of you.

Now, once you’ve worked yourself out and those around you, it’s a good idea to try to understand the opposite sex.

We know that one book can’t possibly hold all the answers but Alan and Barbara Pease have a pretty good crack at it with their book “Why Men Wont Listen and Women Wont Ask Directions”.

This book is a laugh a minute because you’ll realise that the very things that drive us nuts about the opposite sex are the way we were made. You’ll end up having a laugh about them rather than a rip roaring frustrating argument. I totally loved this book, a must for all couples.

Now the third favourite is “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman. Once you’ve worked out who you are, how to be a better person the next step is work out what makes you and others emotionally happy.

You will learn that there a 5 basic things that make us happy. Just as important is understanding that whilst that makes you happy, it may not be what makes your loved one happy.

5 Love languagesThe 5 Love Languages are: Physical Touch, Acts of Service, Giving of Gifts, Words of Affirmation and Quality Time.

So to put this into perspective, if you crave time with your partner or loved ones and all they do is bring you gifts, this will result in a meltdown.

The gift giver loves giving gifts, so they think they’re doing the right thing and wont understand how important quality time is to you.

These languages can change over time. For example someone who loves gifts as they age may start to want more quality time with their loved ones rather than an occasional gift.

It’s a great book to help you open up the doors of communication and make for much stronger, loving relationships.

Before I close, I’d like to say that it is always important to seek professional help with your problems,

These books will help but you may need the help of professionals when your health is starting to suffer.

In saying that, improve your relationships and you will improve your health. Click on the books pictured, so that you can order them today and begin your journey to better relationships and better health.

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Always Anna