Man's Search for MeaningIs Your New Year’s Resolution Working? PT2

Last week when asking if your New Year’s Resolution is working, I mentioned that my New Years Resolution was “Me First”. To stick to this I’ve put together a “to do” list and as promised I’ve included some tips on how to stop things getting in your way.

So this is what I’ve done.

I’ve written a list and time slotted my days, something like this:

7-9AM                 GYM
9-10AM               EMAILS/GENERAL ADMIN
10-11AM             WEBSITE

And I’ve done this all the way till 11pm. Now you might think this is too regimented, but at least now I can see what I have to get done everyday and if it’s not done, then it’s no to everything else. Treat your needs like they’re your employer. You can’t drop everything and take a day off work can you?

What I’ve found is that I can look at my run sheet, and sometimes I surprise myself by getting things done quicker and having more time.

I sat down with my good friend and coach Patricia Laverty. Not only is she a blogging specialist, but second to no one, when it comes to goal setting.

Patricia_Laverty-30 Days to Online SuccessPatricia showed me how to break my annual goal into smaller quarterly, monthly and weekly goals. This is where my list comes in handy because I am sticking to daily measurable activities, which lead me to achieve my bigger goals.

Before you even think to come up with a resolution or goal you have to have a strong enough reason so that nothing will get in your way. There’s a fabulous book by Vickor Frankl called Man’s Search For Meaning.

In it, he makes the most profound statement; “He who has a why can overcome almost any how”. He survived death in the concentration camps, surrounded by disease and starvation because his “Why” was to live to see his family again. Many around him died because they lost hope. Great read.

Now, if you work a 9-5 job then write down a list from when you finish work to when you go to sleep. Let’s say your New Years Resolution is to lose weight.

Break it down into what you need to do to achieve it. Put the activities into a daily time slot and it will make you accountable. Keep the list handy so you can see it all the time.

This is how to write your New Years Resolution:

  • Write down your REASON. Must not be negotiable
  • Put a picture in a prominent place that reminds you of your reason. Remember your reason is why you are setting the goal.
  • Determine your goal of what you want to achieve. Remember without a reason, it will be difficult to achieve.
  • Write down what you need to do everyday, which will lead to your overall goal. Benjamin Franklin said, “If you fail to plan, you will plan to fail.”
  • Set boundaries to avoid people or situations getting in your way
  • Put a date on everything you want to achieve so that it’s measurable. What gets measured gets gained.
  • Review your weeks and months, to keep you moving forward and leading you towards your desired end result.
  • Once goal achieved, keep setting more

Now, I want you to revisit these steps every day and write your daily list. This is how you will stick to your New Years Resolution. When someone asks you is your New Years Resolution working, you can say YES, or if not you’ve got written tools to get you back on track.

So there you have it, in a nutshell, this is how to make your New Years resolution work. Find your reason and work towards daily accountable activities and you WILL make it happen.

Look Feel Live Your Best and Decide Today to Live for Tomorrow
Always Anna