Is Your Office Lighting Ageing You?

We hear a lot about harmful UVA and UVB rays coming from the sun, causing damage to our skin and many of us stay indoors during the hottest part of the day but sunlight isn’t the only problem. Question is “is your office lighting ageing you and damaging your skin?”

The answer is yes! There are now many studies which have proven that because we are increasingly being exposed to artificial lighting both in our offices, homes and from devices, that this is contributing to skin damage and early signs of ageing.

Fluorescent light bulbs are capable of emitting a lot of harmful UV rays and over time, it is also causing our skin to age quicker with discolouration and dehydration. There is a solution to the problem.

Many times I’ve heard people say they don’t bother with sunscreens if they’re going to be indoors because they feel they are safe.

The dangers are still there and whilst I know it’s probably not comfortable wearing a thick sunscreen on your face during the day, there are other things you can do to protect your skin.

One of the safest and most comfortable protection for your skin is Mineral make-up. There are many varieties on the market and it is important to do your research to make sure you are getting the real deal. Firstly check the ingredients, they must contain anti-oxidants and Zinc to be of any benefit. Without these, they will not protect you from damaging free radicals and harmful UV rays.

I choose to use ASAP Pure Mineral Makeup, because it has been scientifically developed to protect the skin from accelerated ageing, dehydration, harmful UV rays, skin-ageing pollution and free radical damage.

Why will ASAP Pure Mineral Make-up stop your office lighting from ageing and damaging your skin? Here are the 4 main reasons:


Believe it or not, there are up to 5 times more pollutants indoors than there are out doors. ASAP mineral make-up provides a breathable defense barrier against the harmful effects of skin-ageing pollution and environmental damage, to maintain skin health and younger looking skin.

Asap Pure Mineral Make Up - BaseANTI-AGEING

Antioxidants and SPF protect against free radical damage and UV rays, to help maintain skin firmness and reduce the visible signs of premature ageing.


Skin hydrating actives help to improve the appearance of fine lines and dermal dehydration, ensuring optimal moisture balance and barrier protection.


Light reflecting natural minerals create luminosity and radiance, while clinically  proven active ingredients help to protect skin’s appearance, resulting a natural flawless finish.

Not all mineral make-up is made the same and it is important to understand this, otherwise you may not receive the desired effect.

ASAP mineral make-up is so lightweight that I barely feel anything is on my skin. Whether I choose powder or liquid form, the result is the same. A clear, smooth, flawless finish but more importantly I am getting total protection from harmful UV rays while the anti-oxidants calm and soothe the skin.

So if you’re worried if your office lighting is ageing you, start using mineral make-up as part of your daily skincare routine. Click on the images to purchase yours today.

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