PLATINUM COLLECTION PACKSimple ways to slow aging of the skin.

As we age, we begin to feel and notice many changes in our bodies and skin, many unavoidable, so let’s look at simple ways to slow aging of the skin.

This is not about trying to look younger and compete with the glowing, youthful skin of a 20 year old. It is about protecting your skin from damage, sensitivities and complications.

Our skin becomes thinner as we age and therefore can be more susceptible to problems later on.



Signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles can also be seen in young skin. From the age of 20, collagen and elastin will start to break down so necessary steps need to be taken in order to minimise visible changes and damage.

Pre-mature aging of the skin can occur when skin is neglected and can be much harder to reverse if at all.

So let’s look at the simple ways to slow ageing of the skin and key steps to help prevent premature aging.

  • Keep hydrated and choose purified water above all else
  • Try to maintain a diet filed with fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid high fatty and sugary foods. This will give you loads of anti-oxidants, fresh new skin cells and unclogged pores.
  • Avoid being in the harsh sun between 10am to 4pm, Always use a strong face cream with SPF 50+ and try to stay in the shade in the hot part of the day. There are plenty of self-tanning solutions if it’s a tan you’re looking for.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking. There are many negative reasons why but mainly they are very dehydrating and smoking increase fine lines and wrinkles particularly around the lip area
  • Improve your overall circulation with regular exercise. The better the blood flow, the more glowing the skin.
  • Gently cleanse your skin morning and night and use a gentle make-up remover particularly at night so that you sleep with clean, unclogged pores.
  • Get plenty of deep, quality sleep. At least 7-8 hours per night to assist with optimum cell renewal.
  • Use nutritional serums alongside your daily skincare routine. Vitamin serums boost the skins defence against free radical and help to promote renewal and repair.

    The best one to use at night is a Vitamin A serum. Only to be used at night because Retinol, its main ingredient can render the skin more sensitive to the sun. After nightly use, you must wear a daily moisturiser with a high SPF factor.

    Vitamin A is so powerful because at night, when your skin cells start to regenerate, the Vitamin A helps to bring the plump new cells to the surface

ASAP SUPER A+ SERUM 30mlWhich in turns helps to minimise wrinkles, pigmentation and blemishes.

I recommend the ASAP Platinum Collection for a total nutritional treatment for your skin.

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Remember that aging is a wonderful privilege, something to be embraced, not dreaded nor feared. When we use simple ways to look after ourselves, these simple ways will slow aging of the skin and  give you glowing health.

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