Simple ways to stop skin from drying out

There are many factors as to why our skin often feels dry, so let’s get to the bottom of it and learn simple ways to stop our skin from drying out and keep it hydrated all day long.

We often mistake the weather or being in or outdoors as the reason our skin feels dry most of the day. Whilst these will affect our skin and we often don’t have a choice in these factors, there are many things we do have control over, which will keep our skin hydrated throughout the day.

Firstly, start your day with a glass or 2 or water. Better still, warm water with a squeeze of lemon juice is even better. I can’t stress enough the importance of drinking plenty of purified water throughout the day. If you’re drinking coffee, caffeinated teas and alcohol, remember to drink a glass of fresh water straight after. This will help to flush toxins from your system and re-hydrate your body.



Next, cleansing and moisturising will keep your skin glowing and protected. If you feel your skin tightening, it may be necessary to re-apply moisturiser or use a light hydrating serum that won’t interfere with your make-up.

The use of a mineral powder foundation, whilst nourishing your skin, will act as a barrier to the sun and pollutants ,helping to prevent de-hydration. Mineral powder make-up also absorbs any excess oils and distributes them evenly across the face so you keep that flawless skin look, all day.

Keep out of the sun in the hottest part of the day, as much possible, between the hours of 10am until 4pm. Apart from the heat, this is the time when the sun’s dangerous UV rays are most penetrative, causing sun damage and over long periods of time, possible skin cancers.

Just as you need to drink fluids regularly throughout the day, your skin may also need to have some moisturiser reapplied. Choose a light covering like ASAP Vitamin B serum or ASAP CC Cream.

Before you leave home, make sure that your moisturiser contains SPF 50+ so that the delicate skin on your face is completely protected. If you’re going for a walk, the kindest thing you can do for more protection is to wear a hat and sunglasses. Yes your scalp can also burn and dehydrate. Jennifer Garner says, : the best thing for your 50’s is to use sunscreen in your 20s!”. How true is that?

In my area, I see many Asian ladies using umbrellas, wearing hats, sunglasses and quite often white cotton gloves when out in the sun. I’ve even seen them shielding their faces with magazines to avoid the sun’s rays. How smart are they? You only have to look at their skin to see the benefit.

I asked my Asian friends why this is so important to them and whilst some of the reason is cultural, they pride themselves in having lighter skin and are committed to flawless looking skin.

They seem to hold  the secret to the fountain of youth but the sun’s harmful rays has a lot to do with it so that is probably the most simple way to stop skin drying out and aging. Stay out of the sun!

Now that you’ve looked after yourself through the day, it doesn’t stop there. A regular night routine is very important. Still simple, clean your face and apply a hydrating night moisturiser every night. The more nutrition you give your skin at night, the better because while all your organs are resting, your skin, the largest organ, goes to work.

Our skin cells regenerate at night, so the healthier you are, the healthier they are and  when they reach the surface of the skin you’ll achieve a more glowing, smooth appearance.

So there you have it, simple ways to stop your skin from drying out. Feel free to visit my shop and if you like what you’ve learnt, subscribe to my blog for more simple tips and techniques.  You can also catch me on Facebook too!

Until next time

Look feel live your best and decide today to live for tomorrow
Always Anna