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Young boys are just as self-conscious about the appearance of their skin so it’s important to know that there is skincare help for boys, which is simple, quick and effective.

Dealing with acne in puberty is one of the most frustrating and depressing conditions. Boys have as much hormonal activity as girls do during puberty, and when it comes to boys, many are too shy to talk about it or not fussed to take any action,

This is ok, however, if left untreated, the condition can worsen and may continue onto later years, also leaving scarring.

For many teenagers, it is only a passing stage and provided it is dealt with effectively, it may never re-surface.




Boys have to be careful when shaving, as this can irritate the skin and blemished area. With unblemished skin though, as shaving exfoliates the skin, it does have its advantages in leaving skin smooth.

In my case, my son was happy to ask for help and particularly from his older sister, who showed him how to effectively clean and moisturise his skin day morning and night. She wouldn’t have it any other way! Because of this, his skin is in good condition.

So let’s look at ways to deal with Acne so that it doesn’t cause a lifetime of problems.

Before I get into products and treatments, it’s important to look at how you are treating your body internally.  You have no control over the chemical changes your body is going through at this stage, but you do have control over what you eat and drink and what you do to your skin.

When you go through puberty, the hormones in your body go into overdrive, and they have a huge impact on the little glands under the skin called sebaceous glands which produce oil called sebum.  When the hormones are over-active, there’s more sebum so usually means more pimples.

Besides skincare, here are some simple, effective ways to support the journey to clear skin:


If you’re anything like my son, although he’s very fit and slim, he doesn’t mind the odd pizza, burger and fries especially when hanging out with friends. It’s hard to cut everything out, but  when he cuts out the junk, his skin clears up dramatically.

Keep to a once a week treat and at the same time, have a look at your skin when it breaks out. and think of what you ate prior. Could be that particular food was a trigger. Maybe what you have eaten could have triggered it.

The more fresh fruit and vegetables we eat, the cleaner the pores of the skin will be.

Exercise and Water

Exercise is important as it increases circulation and blood flow and then followed up with at least 2 litres of fresh water, will ensure that you are flushing away excess toxins.

It’s also important to shower daily and after sport if you have sweated excessively.

Clean and moisturise your skin before you go to sleep. Your skin goes to work while you sleep, repairing and regenerating new skin cells, so always clean your face of, sweat and daily grime every night.


A common mistake most teenagers make is to scrub and clean their skin too often.

Acne is not dirty skin. If you use harsh cleansers and scrubs too regularly, you will dry out your skin, which will actually make your glands produce even more oil.

Always use gentle products, and follow the directions on the packaging.

In some cases you may need to seek the help of a Beautician or Dermatologist who will be best able to advise you of your condition.

Some products or medication may have side effects, so make sure you take your parents/guardians with you.

Your daily routine could look like this

MORNING     Use a mild cleanser followed by light moisturizer containing SPF

Use a gentle exfoliating scrub 1-2 times per week

EVENING       Use a mild cleanser followed by light moisturizer or serum

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