ASAP ADVANCED EYE COMPLEX 15mlThe Hidden Reasons Why Smoking Is Bad For You Pt1

This is not just another lecture about quitting smoking, it’s about the hidden reasons why smoking is bad for you and understanding the actual cost of smoking and the impact it has on your loved ones.

I once had an issue with my throat and the speech pathologist said to me that everything in moderation is OK except cigarettes.

There are no benefits to smoking, and the actual cost is devastating.

The main reason being that smoking is a long toxic journey, slowly destroying so much in its wake. Usually people realise when it’s too late and the irreparable damage has been done.

It’s the hidden reasons that make smoking so bad for you.

Have I tried smoking? Sure, but thankfully it was only a few socially and for a short period of time.

Total stupidity on my part, given that I love all aspects of health, so I just put it down to experience and I can honestly say that it did nothing for me.  Hence, it wasn’t even an issue giving it up.

I’ve often heard people say they can’t give up because they need to smoke for stress relief. Ok, I get it.

ASAP RADIANCE SERUM 30mlThink of some of the things people do because it makes them relieve stress and feel good. Drink alcohol, eat junk food, lie in the sun, stay up late, have their heads in screens… just to name a few.

All of these, in the long term, have very serious consequences to your long term health which can be very difficult to repair.

You know what? You might be thinking they’re ok in moderation.

What we see more often, is that in times of stress, we do these things in abundance. The more stressed we are, the more we smoke, drink etc.

Really? And we still think it’s OK and won’t do any harm?  WAKE UP.

All of these habits in the long term, cause very serious adverse impact to your health.

Remember when you are stressed, your heart beats faster and so you are absorbing these toxic chemicals at a much faster rate.

For now, lets just look at a non-physical hidden reason why smoking is bad for you. Pay attention!


The average packet of cigarettes in Australia costs AUD30.

Might not seem much but if you smoke a packet per day, that’s approximately;

  • AUD   200 per week
  • AUD   900 per month
  • AUD  11,000 per year

You know how many times I’ve heard smokers say they can’t afford something? Think of how many things you could do with that money?

Write down your family budget and see where that money can be better spent.

That alone should be incentive enough.

Next week I’m going to share with you more hidden reasons why smoking is bad for you and more importantly, some really simple tips to at least help you start to minimize the habit until you give it up once and for all.

I’d love you to drop me a line and let me know if this has helped you even just to think about it. Each small step is one BIG step closer to helping you quit once and for all.

Until then

Look Feel Live Your Best and Decide Today to Live for Tomorrow
Always Anna