The secret to making makeup colour work best for you PT 2

Welcome back and thank you for joining me in part 2 of the secret to making makeup colour work best for you.

In case you missed it, the secret is all about knowing your colours.

This means having an understanding of how the colour of your hair, eyes and skin tone, will determine the best colours to use, to bring out the best result.

Understand that there’s no right or wrong, usually just better ways of doing things. Hey, if you’re happy how you look, then that’s what it’s all about.

I’m going to attempt to explain colour techniques in writing, hard task given that colour is such a visual thing. However, there are a few simple tips that will have you looking your best with a small amount of practice.

Last week I mentioned that the colour range particular to your colour tones, is given the name of a season. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Lets recap:

Put simply, a Spring complexion will have lighter hair, light skin with a warm undertone and light eyes, a Summer complexion will have light hair, light skin with cool pink undertones and light or hazel eyes, an Autumn complexion will have darker to brown hair, warm skin tone and dark eyes and a Winter complexion will have dark hair, pale skin and light eyes.

To understand this a little better, if we think of popular actresses, Nicole Kidman would be Spring, Gwynneth Paltrow Summer, Julia Roberts Autumn and Elizabeth Taylor a classic Winter.

ASAP Make-Up Consulting Package 4Let’s delve a little deeper into the secret to making colour work best for you. By now you can easily determine which season you are. So let’s look at which colours best suit each season

Spring            Choose warm foundations in the beige range, with an earthy coloured blush or highlighter. Eye shadow can even be a light dusting of the same highlighter or eye colours in vivid browns and corals. The lip colour looks great in orange and peach tones.

Summer         Choose light foundation, slight pink undertone. Soft pink highlighters or blush accompanied by soft pastel eye colours. Lips look best in light pink to rose coloured shades.

Autumn          Choose warm foundation. Many Autumn beauties have lovely, Mediterranean skin, cheeks look fabulous with a glowing bronzer, eyes adorned with gold and bronze and lips look amazing with shades of shimmering browns.

Winter            Choose pale foundation with pink undertone. Cheeks brushed with pink shimmer, eyes heavily accentuated with a smoky shade of grey and navy and lips look incredible in red.

Remember, there are no hard and fast rules here and like any form of art where colour is involved, it can often be open to preference and interpretation.

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