Elderly LadiesThe Secret to Staying Young

Everyone wants to know the secret to staying young. Notice I said “staying” young and not looking young?

Looking and feeling young are two very different things and are really more about perspective. It’s how you see yourself, how others see you and your perception of how others see you.

There’ve been many short videos and articles about how a stranger perceives you. They will more often than not only point out positive attributes rather than the negative ones that we see on ourselves.

When you’re 50 and find yourself in a room full of 80 year olds, to them you look really young and you’ll feel younger being around our seniors.

But, no, that’s not the answer as much as I enjoy being around seniors. Their outlook on life is so infectious. They really have perfected the “I don’t give one attitude” to everything and do and say whatever makes them happy.

Which brings me to my point, I believe that the number 1 secret to staying young is ATTITUDE!

When you walk around with confidence and a genuine smile on your face, it’s amazing how many times you’ll hear people say how wonderful you look. Surrounding yourself with positive people and circumstances is a sure fire way to improve your look and have you feeling great on the inside.

ASAP ADVANCED EYE COMPLEX 15mlOne of the biggest killers of our health and appearance is negative emotions.

There are times when this cannot be avoided, e.g illness in family, loss of employment and tragedy so, in times of difficulty, do whatever it takes to get the support you need to help you through it.

There are many situations that we can and should steer away from.

Some people are drawn towards drama, love the gossip and spreading it. Not only is this toxic to you mentally but also manifests itself physically and ultimately will show on your appearance.

Stay away from judgemental and critical people who make you feel uncomfortable about the way you look and can’t accept you for who you are.

Have you ever observed shows like Married at First Sight, where the girls can be extremely nasty towards each other? Have a look at the instant change in appearance, where they go from looking beautiful to very unattractive simply because of the negativity in and around them.

I have amazing aunts in their mid to late 80s. Full of life, have more energy than most 40 year olds and what is so similar in all of them is that I often hear them say “I don’t care what people say and I’ll do what I like!” So much laughter surrounds them just simply being active, helping others and enjoying life.

anna rosaIt’s hard to keep up with them and finding time around all the helpful activities they involve themselves in, fundraising, cooking fabulous meals and sweets for their families and events and make me laugh when they’re tell me they’re off to help “the oldies”.

The funny thing is, when I see them around their peers, they are much younger in their demeanour and appearance, wrinkles and all!

It’s their positive attitude that makes all the difference.

One aunt, even lost her breast to breast cancer recently. Do you think that stopped her? The only thing that got in her way was the bag that carried her drainage tubes because she couldn’t go dancing! How’s that for attitude!

A wise colleague of mine puts aging and wrinkles into a beautiful perspective. Although working in the beauty industry her whole life, both in clinics and for cosmetic companies, her attitude is that’ she doesn’t want to cover her wrinkles because to her they’re her stripes, she’s earned them and she proudly shows them off.

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I’m all for wearing make-up, dying your hair, using great skincare, whatever it is that makes you feel good. But do it for you not because someone else says you should.

If you don’t love yourself first, no product or procedure will make you happy or give you the desired effect. Make sure you smile and find something that makes you laugh everyday. Nothing wrong with laugh lines!

You’ll be surprised how quickly people will start telling you how great you look because you’ve uncovered the secret to staying young.

Look Feel Live Your Best and Decide Today to Live for Tomorrow

Always Anna