Mineral MakeupWhat’s So Chic About The French?

We’re all dying to know what’s so chic about the French. There’s no denying that French women are some of the most stylish women in the world, their style, their fashion and their look. Everyone wants to be like them and look like them so what’s their secret?


Everything about the French is chic, elegant and so charmingly simple.  This is why my favourite approach to make-up is that of the French. You only change or cover what is necessary as apposed to masking or hiding your complexion or changing your look altogether.

The focus is on bringing colour and youth to the face, enhancing natural features rather than dramatising and over exaggerating them. Simplicity is Key!

What I love about the French is their confidence. They know they are beautiful and they focus on their best features with minimal product and effort. The result? Voila! Perfection!

For French women, glowing, healthy skin is of utmost importance. Following simple yet strict daily skincare routines at home is the primary ingredient to looking great. They also consume one of the healthiest diets in the world combining exercise as part of their daily routine.

I have followed the practices of French women instinctively, and I’m glad to say that at my age, I am often being complimented on my skin and youthful appearance.

Their approach of less is more ,is music to my ears. All too often we succumb to the fear that the Beauty Industry bestows on us, that aging is bad and that more and more our appearance is inadequate and in major need of product and overhaul.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Sticking to a simple skincare routine and minimal make-up is all you need to glow, look and feel good and walk with your head held high in confidence.

audreyI recently surveyed my clients, both male and female about the opinion of heavy make-up. The responses came from every age group and not one person, male nor female agreed that heavy make-up looked nice unless it was for dramatic purposes or a special event.

Particularly from a male perspective, they really only notice if the make-up is overdone. Other than that, the more simple it is, the more beautiful you look in their eyes. Men are simple creatures, it wouldn’t hurt to take a leaf out of their book sometimes.

So what else do the French do?

What I should talk about is what the French DON’T do! Again keeping it simple, they don’t like to over contour or shape the face. Preferring a light brushing to enhance the natural features, even using fingers to smudge eye shadow and blush again creating that more lived-in look. Remember, it’s all about creating that natural glow.

Another favourite of the French is mascara. It is not uncommon to find that they carry it with them daily and again this is only to accentuate the natural beauty of the eye rather than using fake lashes.

Lipstick and blush is often soft however they will often use a bright red to add a little pizzazz to their style. But again, this in itself looks incredibly beautiful when the rest of the face is shaded so softly.

The use of mineral make-up works perfectly with the French style as it blends with the natural oils of the skin, is weightless and leaves you with a flawless, glowing finish.

Like everything, not all Mineral Make-up is created the same and some are not technically mineral based nor good for your skin. Always read the label carefully particularly if you have sensitive skin.

Once you try mineral make-up it will be hard to go back to your old ways and the importance is in finding a product that is reputable and protects and nurtures the skin at the same time.

ASAP pure is Australia’s 1st Cosmeceutical Mineral Make up. Voted the Best Mineral makeup at the Australian Beauty Awards for 2011.  It combines the highest quality natural ingredients from the earth, with the latest advances in skincare technology to provide a radiant finish, improved skin health and anti-pollution protection .The SPF ingredient adds a physical barrier to the harmful rays of the sun and pollution, whilst still allowing your skin to breathe. 

Effortless to apply and long lasting. Perfect for weddings and special events as re-application is easy if required for photos or just to freshen up although not often necessary. For the most part, it is great for that all day natural look.

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Look Feel Live Your Best and Decide Today to Live for Tomorrow

Always Anna