Nude Cinnamon Box Stick SwatchWhat’s so good about organic lipstick?

The benefits of everything organic has been promoted by so many health and wellness professionals for a while now, but what’s so good about organic lipstick?

Think about it, we wear and re-apply lipstick all day every day and being that it’s on our lips, we end up ingesting quite a bit of it. They say on average we consume about 3 kilos of lipstick every 10 years. Ugh!

Can you imagine what is going through your digestive system?





Most lipsticks on average contain many synthetic chemicals and given that it goes straight into our mouths and into our food and drink, we probably aren’t doing ourselves many favours!

So this answers the question as to what’s so good about organic lipstick. When the lipstick you ingest is made primarily from organic natural ingredients, not only is it safe to ingest but it is also providing nutrition to one of the most delicate parts of your body.

My favourite brand of Organic Lipstick is LUK Beautifood.

Luk Beautifood believes that your makeup should be held to the same standards of the food you eat.

Healthy Food is naturally rich in Vitamins, antioxidants, anti-infammatories ,prebiotics and fatty acids which are essential for clear , smooth glowing skin.

Luk use the same healthy foods you eat to replace synthetic fats, synthetic oils, synthetic waxes, synthetic colourants, synthetic fragrances, synthetic preservatives and synthetic texture modifying agents used by most makeup brands to create their 100%, toxin free lipstick made from real food.

In 2006, Cindy Lukr formulated luk beautifoods’s menu of 14 crème-soft Lip Nourish as she was unable to read the ingredient statement on lipsticks. She thought, “ If I ate healthy food, why would I apply cosmetics made with chemicals and synthetic ingredients derived from petroleum? What goes on goes in!”

Landscape Range

Luk Beautifood makes it easy and accessible for you to be part of the clean beauty movement, with a clean, safe, nutritious and multi-sensory, universally flattering range of sheer lustrous shades to wear all day, everyday.

These lipsticks are so versatile and can be used purely for nutrition, to keep lips soft and supple and to add a splash of colour.

They can be purchased individually or why not treat yourself to a discounted trio of your choice. Great as a gift or simply to indulge yourself.

At a time when we are thinking of everyone else rather than ourselves, and the pressure of getting everything done, it’s important to do something each day to put a smile on your face and make your self feel special.

Remember in order to be there for others you must put your health and happiness first, I know this is hard, so take small steps and make the little things count. In time you’ll realise how important it is and how good you feel and you will work towards creating daily habits to put yourself first.

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