The Happiness TrapWhen Should I See a Counselor?

So many people are afraid to ask “When should I See A Counselor?” let alone admit to it. What we should really be asking is “why is this even a question”?

When we feel unwell, we generally visit the doctor who may then refer us to a specialist. We have regular check-ups, eyes, teeth, skin among others but no one ever thinks twice about that. It’s “normal”.

Here’s the thing, it’s ok to make sure that you are mentally fit. We’ve been conditioned to think that there’s something “wrong” with you if you see a therapist.

When you tell someone you have to see a doctor and they ask what’s wrong with you, it’s no big deal. You tell them what’s wrong e.g: “I’m having pain”.

If you want to keep things personal that’s fine.

Privacy in any health matter is your choice and is always to be respected. As long as you do not feel shame.

Seeing a therapist for a mental condition is the most normal thing to do and then kindest thing you can do for yourself. Just like going to the dentist when your tooth hurts. On that note, what happens when you leave tooth pain for too long? More pain and often more complicated long term treatment.

Same goes for your mental health. If you leave your mental check up too long, you could develop more serious problems, and like the example of your teeth, more complicated long term treatment.

Think about when people suffer trauma. Often they start to feel quite ill. Why? When we are not coping mentally, our circulation begins to break down and our symptoms start to manifest physically.

Without therapy and recognizing that the root of the problem is their poor mental condition, it may be difficult to recover from the physical illness.

Our brain and mind are on the top of our body for a reason, because they control everything from the way we think and feel, to the way all our organs and body functions operate. Sometimes we feel as if we are drowning when everything gets too much.

Changing MindsYou can be at your peak physically, and yet mentally you could be falling apart.

Most people at the top of their profession will regularly visit a therapist and for many, a therapist is an active member on their payroll.

Look at sporting stars and teams. Counselors are a part of their medical team alongside physicians, trainers and specialists.

I’ve always maintained that there are 4 steps to optimum health. We usually only hear about two. Diet and Exercise.

Personally I believe taking care of our Mental Health is number one.

Add in massage to assist with optimal circulation after exercise and you’ve set yourself up to be able to cope well in every stressful situation.

Like anything, you need to be active with all 4 steps to stay on top of your game and be the best version of yourself but you cant do it on your own.

For many of us at some point, we’ve seen professionals to help us with our diet, exercise and massage so why are we not seeking professional help for our Mental Health?

You cannot do this on your own, and speaking to friends may not always be the answer. Yes they love you, but they may not always say the right thing.

I was coping with quite a lot over the last few years and when I looked for a counselor, I was told to choose one where I felt safe, comfortable and respected. It was the best decision I ever made and although I feel great most of the time, I still pick up the phone for a mental heath check.

It’s the best gift I’ve ever given myself and that is why I’m happy to share my experience with others. We should rid the stigma of having mental Health Therapy once and for all. It’s the most “normal” thing you can do. Treat yourself. You’ll be so glad you did.

I hope I’ve answered the question, “When should I see a Counselor?” Whenever you feel your Mental health needs a check.

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Until next time
Look feel Live Your Best and Decide Today to Live Forever
Always Anna