Why being 50 is so good

There seems to be such a fear of ageing so I’m here to tell you why being 50 is so good.

I like to say that I’m officially ”over the hill” and I say that proudly and with a joyful leap in the air!

Here’s the thing, generally by 50 you’ve done all the hard yards, studied, forged a career, partnered or married, maybe even a couple of times! You’ve raised kids and helped countless others along the way. Exhausted yet?

Being 50, you’re on the easy stretch, you’ll never stop caring for your loved ones and sometimes that includes caring for your aging parents but the big energetic advantage is that you’re older and a hell of a lot wiser.

I look at the downhill run as a positive. You’ll be better at setting boundaries and putting yourself first, so that your runs are full of happiness and what YOU want to do. This is why being 50 is so good.

Many have neglected themselves in some ways on the uphill trek but it’s never too late to put steps in place so that you’ll look, feel and live your best on the next part of your journey into your 60s, 70s and beyond.

I spent a lot of my time over the years around retirement living and nursing homes and I’m grateful for that because it’s opened my eyes a lot and that’s why I embrace being 50. Hearing all the stories and experiences of the aged is so rewarding and gives you a greater perspective on life.

The biggest lesson I’ve learnt is that you’re never too old. My 87 year old Aunt still loves to learn new things, is actively involved in helping the community and is full of energy and on the go.

This has made me understand that taking care of myself is my number 1 priority, particularly being 50, looking at the bright future ahead, I’m making sure that I devote more time to my health both physical and mental, beauty and doing things that make me happy.







Physically, compare yourself to a car. Cars do well when they are regularly serviced, grease and oil changed and parts replaced when worn out. We can all laugh, but hey sometimes our parts need replacing too!

Here’s some simple steps to make sure that you enjoy being 50 and beyond

  • Make sure you set aside time for you. Try something you’ve never done before and always wanted to do or pick up a hobby that you used to do but never had time for. No negotiation. Make the time and stick to it. For me it’s dancing. Nothing interrupts my dance events
  • Choose an exercise you enjoy like walking and do it every day. If you like having a coffee with the girls, get one on the run and sip while you walk together
  • Triple your vegetable intake so that most of your plate is made up of vegetables. Have 2 pieces of fruit per day. Limit potatoes, bread, pasta and fried foods. You’ll be amazed at how good you feel not to mention how many kilos and belly fat you’ll lose.
  • Don’t sweat the fine lines and wrinkles. A good friend of mine once said “ My wrinkles are my stripes and I’ve earned every one of them!” She’s an amazing woman and looks incredible. In saying that, choose a nourishing anti age skin care routine to protect your skin.
  • Keep an eye on the 3 major problems facing most people today, Diabetes, High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure. A regular check up with your Health care professional will keep this in check. By following steps 1-4 above, you will manage your health much better.

So are you convinced why being 50 is so good? Embrace being 50 with all your heart, it can be the greatest most liberating time of your life, remember the choice is always yours.

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Until next time,

Look feel live your best and decide today to live for tomorrow

Always Anna