Why Is laughter So Good For You?

Today, with so much negativity going on around us, pandemics, failing economies, tragedies it seems all we hear is doom and gloom and so many of us are forgetting about simple things to look forward to and why laughter is so good for you.

You see, when the body is stressed emotionally, the stress can manifest itself physically and cause just as much pain as physical injury or illness.

Think about the times you’ve been in a stressful situation, you probably suffered in a number of ways. Headaches, stomach cramps, chest pains, shortness of breath, neck tension, aches and pains fatigue or just generally feeling unwell.

When these ailments are left unattended, they can become chronic, making it a lot harder to heal. Therefore, when we are ill from stress it’s really important to look for ways to heal emotionally.

Counseling is great, getting fresh air and sunshine to name a few and in particular, finding ways to remove negative thoughts and feelings from our mind.

This is why laughter is so good for you. Not only does it help you rid negative thoughts, but a chemical reactions occurs when you laugh, it actually decreases stress hormones. When these decrease, your infection fighting antibodies increase, which will lead you to better resist disease and build your immune system.

There are many stories of how people have literally laughed themselves to good health. Those who had little chance to live and through doing nothing but consuming their lives with everything that made them laugh, the disease was eradicated.

Who would have thought that laughing could do all that? You don’t have to be near death to experience the benefits of laughter. We’ve all heard of the happy hormones, endorphins.

These are our feel good heroes. They are released when we laugh and exercise and create a wonderful sense of wellbeing. Laughter is also a natural pain reliever.

How often have you come home from an event where you laughed so much?

How good did you feel throughout and afterwards?

You don’t need to leave home to have a good laugh there are plenty of books, shows even a catch up with friends going over memories is a great way to bring out the humour.

Now more than ever, with so much stress going around, make a decision to have a laugh everyday. Choose to do away with negativity and decide to be happy.

You will be surprised how great you’ll feel in no time.

I’ve suggested a couple of awesome books to read so click on them if you’d like to purchase them and start your fun time now.

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Until next time

Look Feel Live Your Best and Decide Today To Live For Tomorrow