ASAP GENTLE EYE-MAKE UP REMOVER 130mlWe often feel overwhelmed with all the skincare products on the market and find ourselves asking “why is makeup remover important?”

We also wonder is it just another gimmick to generate more sales for the billion dollar cosmetic industry?

I can tell you it’s probably one of the most important steps to your daily skincare routine and one we very often overlook especially since it’s the evening when we should be using it.

At least at night you have no excuse for lack of time, as we don’t usually have an exact bedtime.

So why is makeup remover so important and when should we use it?





Glad you asked. Many of us use a cleanser and and the reason we use it, is to remove impurities from our skin which clog our pores. Whilst some of those impurities come from pollutants in the air, what happens when we don’t remove make-up, is our pores become clogged, leaving our skin blemished, dull, dry, flaky and without any glow.

Often people ask do I need to use makeup remover and a cleanser and the answer is yes. By using this combination, you are lifting makeup more thoroughly allowing your cleanser to give your skin a much more effective cleanse. This allows your treatments and moisturiser to penetrate even further, allowing to it reach where it needs to be.

Why it’s so important at night is because while all our organs rest at night, the skin being the largest organ of the human body, actually goes to work regenerating new cells.

So the cleaner it is, the less clogged the pores are and the more your treatments will nourish your cells to produce plump, fresh new ones giving you a beautiful glow.

When it comes time to choosing makeup remover, be careful as not all are made equal. Some contain alcohol and can dehydrate and strip the skin of its natural moisture, causing irritation. Some leave a greasy film.

ASAP GENTLE CLEANSING GEL 200mlThe most important and sensitive part of the face with the thinnest skin, is the eye area which generally carries the most makeup and so it’s important to use a makeup remover that is very gentle.

That is why a cleanser and a makeup remover are 2 different things, just as important as each other as they work hand in hand.

Looking for the right makeup remover can be daunting so always look for one with soothing gentle qualities. I use asap gentle eye makeup remover. It can be used all over the face because it is designed to be gentle for the eye area, the most delicate part of our face.

Asap gentle eye makeup remover gently removes all traces of eye makeup without irritation. Enriched with calming and aloe vera and cooling cucumber, it conditions and hydrates, leaving the skin soft, supple and beautifully clean. It is gentle enough to use every day and multiple times if necessary.

One of my favourite things to do after cleansing, pop some makeup remover onto damp makeup remover pads, refrigerate for about 10 minutes and then place on eyes and rest for awhile. The aloe vera and cucumber refresh the eye area, taking away puffiness and alleviating dark circles and leaving eyes cool, relaxed and rejuvenated.

With its soothing ingredients, asap gentle makeup remover is ultra gentle, non-irritating, oil and fragrance free specifically formulated for the delicate eye area.

It’s easy to use flip top bottle with compression pump prevents wastage. It is very economical and a fabulous travel companion.

Click on the image to try some today, you wont be disappointed.

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