Luk Beautifood Organic Lipstick Nourish_Trio_1Why it’s healthy to smile

There’s nothing more beautiful on a face than a smile, but have you ever wondered why it’s healthy to smile?

There are so many smiling benefits for your face, body and mental wellbeing.

Some people consider laugh lines as wrinkles but I guarantee you, that when you smile, the last thing people will be looking at is wrinkles.

They will be looking at the way your face lights up and the effect it has on them. Chances are you’ll even get a smile back!






So let’s look at some facts about smiling.

You know, studies have  actually shown that if you smile a lot, you’ll live a lot longer as well. It’s all about chemical reactions and the release of the body’s natural happy drugs and that’s why smiling also helps to ease pain.

It’s obvious when you feel great and you’re happy, your stress disappears. Sometimes you have to fake it till you make it. Try being angry with a smile on your face. Doesn’t work right? Also,

if something or someone is bothering you, put a smile on your face. Trust me, they will be more unsettled than you will be. Hey you might even get a smile back when they realise they can’t rattle you.

Smiling and laughter have been known to reduce blood pressure and with its contagious effect, you will also impact the mood of the room and those around you. You often hear “ their smile lit up a room”. You can’t ignore a beautiful smile, no matter whose face it’s on.

Luk Beautifood Lip Nourish Lipstick and Crayon DuoAnother benefit of a smile is that it can improve your look in seconds. No products, no extra dollars and wow, look how great you look.

The more you practice smiling, the happier you’ll be and you will start to see some remarkable changes in your, health, mood and appearance and naturally start seeing things in a positive light.

Others around you will notice too.

Smiling more and being positive will improve your relationships on all level. People gravitate towards positivity, it’s contagious and they want more.

How nice is it to know that you have made a positive impact in someone’s life, simply by giving them a smile?

Now that I’ve shared the importance of smiling, one more tip is keep your lips healthy and beautiful. Smiles are wonderful but cracked, peeling dry lips are not and are also quite painful.

Always stay hydrated inside and out by drinking plenty of water and herbal teas throughout the day and use nutritious lip balms and lipsticks. A lip balm at night while you sleep is so moisturising, particularly during the colder months.

I recommend LUK Beautifood lipsticks. Made with real fruit and organic ingredients, not only do they make your smile beautiful, but they also give your lips all the nutrition and moisture they need. Another great benefit is that you aren’t going to ingest lots of nasty chemicals from traditional lipsticks. The nude colours are also great to use as a lip balm at night.

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Put a smile on your face and enjoy life.

Until next time
Look, feel, live your best and decide today to live for tomorrow.

Always Anna