Why Should I Declutter

Decluttering seems to have become a craze now, which is a great thing. Whether you’re a diagnosed hoarder or just simply like collecting and stashing things, many could be doing more harm than good to themselves with many asking  “Why should I declutter”?

Right now, we’re living in a very confused state, with pandemic information coming at us every minute of the day. Not to mention the normal stresses that we live with day to day.

Is the sound of clutter deafening you? Clutter creates a lot of noise in our minds. When everything is untidy around us, whether at work and particularly at home, it’s as if there’s hundreds of voices talking at us all at once and you just want to scream and close the door on everyone and everything, just to have a moment’s peace.

Ever feel like that? I know I have.

Here’s the thing, clutter in our mind can be exaggerated when there is too much clutter in

our environment. Have you ever walked into a shop which is jam packed with stock? Is it appealing? Does it entice you to stay? I know for me, I walk right out again. It feels like I have to fight my way through for chance to find what I want.

Most of us in stressful situations are put in a state of fight or flight with many choosing to leave the situation.

Hence why, when the areas you live and work in are tidy and organised, your mind will be calmer. You will be able to focus, have a clearer mind and achieve a sense of space and freedom. Remember, the state of our mental health significantly impacts on our moods and physical wellbeing.

There have been many times where I’ve needed to complete a project or tackle something that requires a lot of time and attention and it feels like I can’t get anywhere.

When this happens, I find a cupboard or a drawer which needs organising and I spend a few hours if necessary, cleaning it up. You know how good you feel at the end? It is actually very relaxing and you find your mind drifting away peacefully while you get it done.

So once you ask yourself, “why should I declutter?” the next step it to tackle each area slowly.

Don’t do it all at once. When you look at the many things that have been stowed away for a rainy day, ask yourself “Do I need it?” or “How long since I’ve used it?”

What I do, is give myself a 6-12 mths time frame. If it hasn’t been used, out it goes.

You will get great satisfaction at selling it off. Helping to pay bills or save for something you’ve been wanting. You could also donate it to charities who sell goods to raise money for their cause.

That’s my favourite thing to do and a how good do you fell when you know you’ve helped others?

So have you realised why you should declutter and are you ready to shut out of the noise of clutter once and for all. Click on the books if you’d like to know more from the experts and let the breeze fill the organised and open space you’ve created.

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Until next time

Look Feel Live Your Best and Decide Today to Live For Tomorrow
Always Anna