Thin HairWhy Women Lose Their Hair PT 2

Hi and welcome back. Today I’m, going to explain the benefits of Antidote and exactly how it works. It is a great way to support you through whatever it is that is causing your hair loss.

ANTIDOTE, now known as AEDE, is designed specifically for hair loss and strengthening. In my case, as well as for many others, including men, it worked really well.

You can see my results after only 3 months. My hair is growing healthier everyday and next to no hair loss when I wash my hair.

This is the first fabulous result you’ll notice. No more clumps of hair in the comb every time I condition my hair! I have added my before and after photos.

ANTIDOTE (now known as AEDE) is TGA approved and each ingredient has been individually tested. NO animal testing was involved.

A powerful combination of B vitamins and other nutrients, great for hormonal women for many reasons, other than hair loss, with no side effects and no stomach complaints.

Within the first 1-2 months, you will notice a great reduction in the amount of hair loss when shampooing and conditioning your hair. By 3-6 months you not only see hair growing and notice fuller hair, but you can also feel it and no more having to take a mirror to the back of my head to try to cover up the patches!

ANTIDOTE, now known as AEDE, provides hair and scalp with the nourishment it requires through this hair loss stage and the nutrition it needs for further strengthening and growth. . Our hair cells are the 2nd fastest growing so therefore it is important to give them as much help as possible.

Anna Hair 2The supplement contain a powerful blend of the B group Vitamins which also help other areas of the body, especially great for women and diabetes sufferers. That’s a whole other conversation. I’ll be chatting about that later.

Moving on, there are other reasons why women lose their hair. Iron deficiency can lead to hair loss and so it’s always important to see your doctor and ask for a blood test to see where you are deficient and why.

Stressful and traumatic situations often lead to excessive hair loss. This is usually temporary but it is important through these times to adopt some relaxation techniques and not worry about the hair loss, as this could make it worse.

Also, maintain a healthy diet with lots of fresh vegetables and fruit to ensure an adequate intake of anti-oxidants.

Other reasons why women lose their hair can include sudden weight loss, poor diet, medications, prolonged exposure to pool chlorine, over exposure to heat and styling implements, hair being pulled back too tightly for lengthy periods and others.

So it is important to get to the bottom of why it is occurring and use nourishing supplements and products to care for your hair during this time.

I’ve certainly had great results from this product so if you would like to try Antidote, now known as AEDE for yourself, visit my shop at www.annacarniato.com

I’d love to hear about your results.

Look Feel Live Your Best and Decide Today to Live for Tomorrow

Always Anna